Can You Make Good Money With a Grant Business?

Yes...there are many who are doing so even as we speak.
However, instead of going on-and-on about them let me tell you about my promise to you. In less than a week you will have a proven system that will allow you to generate money as grant writer.

Don't Miss Part 3...If she can do can you!

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The Grant Business Boot Camp will send six people home with a proven grant writing business and marketing plan, a website to sell your products and services, a video to help promote your services, 1000 + leads to prospective customers in your targeted area…plus much, much more!

Who Am I?

I'm Rodney Walker and I've been in business for over 25 years.

I started writing grants in 1998 and became very successful at it after a few failed

attempts that eventually pushed me into learning what I was doing wrong.

I completed a Master of Business Administration in Nonprofit Management with a specialized
focus in fundraising and grant writing. I had the privilege of studying at the University of Texas,

Duke University, University of Southern California and many other great institutions.

In 2006 I started sharing my insight and knowledge of grant writing with hundreds of others by conducting grant writing workshops at local colleges and universities.

This has given birth to millions of dollars being raised by my students.

In 2010 Regis University invited me to become a faculty affiliate and train 16

graduate students online in the art of grant writing...I did so and before
the course was over I had helped one of my students secure $250,000 for

their private school. This eventually led me to assembling a team to develop the most

robust online grant writing course on the market to date.

My company ~ Grant Central USA literally helps thousands of people annually
in their grant writing efforts and is one of the premier industry leaders. We partner with several prestigious foundations, nonprofit associates,
and universities nationwide offering workshops and retreats.

I still write grant proposals and manage a team to produce some of the

finest proposals you will lay eyes on...seriously! My company

manages one of the largest and most active forum groups dedicated to grant writers

on LinkedIn with over 6,000 + members (group name - Professional Grant Writers).

We also produce the Professional Grant Writers Directory.

I've created numerous grant writing proposals, products and interviewed many leaders in the field. I've shared this with you not to brag, but to let you know some of the wellspring you will be tapping into as a participant of this event.

Here are just a FEW things we will cover at the Grant Business Boot Camp™

  • My business and grant writing background and why it makes sense for me to be hosting this event,
  • How I got started in the grant writing business and the mistakes YOU won't make that I did,
  • My different grant writing business niches and why I suggest you consider a similar course of action,
  • Why sell grant writing services and how to expand your products and services to become more profitable,
  • How to get paid what you are worth for each grant proposal and STOP UNDERCHARGING,
  • Websites for grant writing - how to create simple and effective sites to sell your products and services. You'll leave with a grant writing site already live with a video to promote your products and services,
  • Becoming an grant expert on a topic - how to do it and getting speaking gigs from it,
  • How to select a market niche that will have the greatest chance of producing profit,
  • Copywriting - how to create profitable copy. Getting high converting websites is NOT rocket science. You'll create your own copy with the help of Kelvin Vaughan, a top notch copywriter,
  • Things to do that will help your grant writing business grow FASTER,
  • How you can gain a higher percentage of your market as a grant writer - almost guaranteed,
  • The Funnel System and how you should use it in your business to gain more customers and get higher-paying customers,
  • Marketing and Selling Your Grant Writing Products and Services - how and what you need to do this the right way,
  • And too much more to list here. This is less than HALF of what we'll cover.

This Is A Worthwhile Investment That Will Pay Great Dividends

Okay, taking a week out of your life is no small order...because time is money.

Look at it this are making a sizable investment in yourself and your future!

I realize this is not an easy decision. However, you do need to make a wise and swift decision because, to be quite honest with you, these seats are grabbed quickly.The first boot camp was half filled before this website was joke!

If you don't secure your seat soon someone else will. This is an investment that if nurtured correctly will pay great dividends. You will leave with a proven system that will help you gain more clients who are willing to pay you what you are worth.

This Boot Camp Only Has A Few Seats Left

This event is intentionally designed to be small with a only a select few given the unique opportunity.

So you can twiddle your thumbs and sit on your hands if you like,

THINKING about whether you are going to do this or not, but know that you may have to

wait some months for another opportunity if your drag your feet now.

This event is only open to the first 6 people.

Why aren't more allowed?

You'd think I'd want more money right? Yes, I would!

BUT, I just don't have the capacity to adequately run this event and fulfill

ALL of my promises with more than 6 people.

Roll Up Your Sleeves ~ This Is Hands On Training!

This is NOT a merely a seminar, lecture, or pep rally where I will simply be a "talking head"...this is an event where YOU will be building your success with some veteran guidance.

This is "hands on".

I and a few other people are going to work with you one-on-one to ENSURE your success.

Nothing will be left to chance.

You gain exclusive access to the same dynamic road map and blueprint that I used to gain new customers and grow my grant business with a system that is tried, tested, and WORKS!

And if you are willing to put in the time, energy, and effort then

I am convinced it will work to help propel you into a profitable business.

So, be sure to read my guarantee!

How does all of this work?

First you will PayPal me $1,000 non-refundable deposit...which by the way

does NOT guarantee your acceptance into the event

I will need to personally interview you to ensure you are a good fit for this boot camp...

I need to know that you are "coachable" and willing to do the work that will be required.

Why? Because I want to ensure that everyone leaves with everything I promised.

If you are not accepted in this event your $1,000 deposit will be returned to you immediately.

I will be very candid with you. If I do not think I can honestly help you, I will simply let you

know you aren't a good fit. 

The Coaching Alone Is Worth The Price Of Admission

If you call me up for some business coaching today, you will pay $500 for couple of sessions.Yes, it's not cheap...but many have found it to be extremely helpful.

I am bringing you well over 25 years of business experience to the table as  a subject matter expert in grant writing who just happens to have a MBA. I am going to coach you daily for 5 days straight on how to start or revolutionize your grant writing business.

STOP! Discover How You Can Put My Experience To Work For You and Your Success

Wow...I can hardly wait. Can you?

If you like the Chinese Garden take a look at the next video...This place is amazing and we will be having some of our sessions here.

Hear this Alumni Story!

if on!

are you up for the challenge of growing a grant business?

Comments from Participants at Rodney's Previous Events

“Thank you again for what you shared with us in  the grant writing
class. I took your advice…Last Wednesday we received  notification that
the foundation board has approved our proposal of  $400,000.” 

-Kathleen Tiemubol

“This was awesome – Excellent info!” – Jennifer Hamilton

“All of this course is good and valuable. Keep it up!!” – Sergio Souz

“The class has been a wonderful experience.  The
modules are logical and well designed.  I like the examples and the
interviews.  I also appreciated the new posting of media.  It is clear
the course (and you) are constantly updating and bringing more
information for the student.  I also liked the practical suggestions on how
to get my business started.” 

– Norm Gustafson

“Great info.  Best $I’ve spent in a while!”  - Kathy Nolan

“I learned more in five minutes from this workshop than I did from
several other grant writing workshops that I have attended.” – Lawrence

“The enthusiasm and clarity of your teaching made all the difference in retaining all the information.”  – James Bucknam

“I wanted to take a moment to say thank you to Rodney Walker and Grant
Central! I had written a grant request for a non-profit in the past and
really did so without the knowledge I have now thanks to Rodney’s Grant
Writing Course! Now I am confident and feel armed with the facts!”

“Grant Central really focuses on all the aspects of grant writing showing and
even giving you the links necessary to start your grant library...There is just so much great information packed into this course that I cannot even begin to tell you. From finding funders to examples of budgets and forms, Grant Central is the BEST grant writing course bar none!” 

– Sherri Dickens

“This class was informative, engaging and excellent!” - Vanessa Meier

Check Out My Guarantee...

I Think You Will Like It

Here is how it works...You MUST make back 100% of the cost of the seminar within the next 12 months in revenues generated as a result of attending the Grant Business Boot Camp™ or the difference will be refunded.

I don't know of any colleges or universities making this guarantee to their business students. Hear me well...this does not mean you can go home and just sit on your butt and do nothing. However, if you work the tested and proven system that I am teaching you at this event and don't recoup your full investment,

I will make up the difference.

For instance, if you pay $6,000 to attend the event and only

make $5,000 over the next year, I will send you a check for $1,000.

Relax, this will not happen, however, if for some strange reason it does, just know that you are covered. 

So there is absolutely no financial risk...I assume it ALL for you.

The Boot Camp Investment

The cost for this event is $4,997 for a shared room.This price includes everything EXCEPT evening activities!

This is a limited offer as at an undisclosed date, the registration fees for this
event will go up to $6,000 per don't get caught behind the eight ball

and miss out of the current pricing. If you're serious, sign up now and receive a $200 discount when paying in full!

Is the Boot Camp Recorded or Available Online?

Sorry but this boot camp is NOT recorded.The very nature of the way this highly participatory event is conducted,

does not lend itself well to being a recorded training.

You really NEED to be here...because more is caught than taught.

That said, you will gain access to certain parts of my

massive online grant writing library to enhance your capacity

as grant writers and ongoing business coaching support to help you

once you leave the boot camp.

How Can I Attend This Boot Camp? ~ Send Your Deposit Right Now!

Your deposit of $1,000 through PayPal.  You do not have to have an account with PayPal

in order to make a payment or you can mail in a check.

The deposit you make is non-refundable.

However, after the initial screening interview if it determined that this is not a good fit for you I will promptly give you back all of your money.

Let's Talk NOW to See if this Event is Right for YOU
Are You Ready to Reserve Your Seat?

Click Below to Place Your Deposit for Grant Business Boot Camp™

Please Note: The week you sign up for cannot be switched

Since there are only a few seats left for our up and coming event...

you need to get  your deposit in now. Don't wait for some other person to grab this highly coveted seat and the knowledge you are seeking. And please don't let someone else in your area get my system before you and claim all your potential clients. Time is money...and wasting time will cost you money!

I'm looking forward to seeing you out this way soon!

-Rodney Walker

Comments from Participants at Rodney's Previous Events

“Rodney is one of the industry leaders I admire the most in the grant writing business. He is not only extremely knowledgeable about grants but also extremely skilled in assisting business owners like myself in finding new, low-cost ways to advertise and market our services. Just one tip from him in 2008 allowed me to double my consulting business revenues.”

“I still immensely enjoy listening to his broadcasts and reading what he has to say. I find him to be a continual stream of the most urgent, state-of-the-art, helpful advice for non-profit leaders, leaders who are seeking to keep the most important thing the most important thing. I recommend Rodney as a powerful leader, mentor, and coach.” -John Drew, Managing Director, Drew & Associates

“Rodney is exceptionally intuitive as to the individuals need for information and direction to take their company to a more productive level. His motivational speaking series makes you think about change, re-organizing, in-depth study of the marketplace changes, and to remain focused at all times.” -Louise Baisa, Active Property Management

“Rodney teaches people how to write grants, among other things, and he is an exceptional teacher and business coach. He’s accessible, knowledgeable and just plain fun to be around. A passionate teacher, he offers much value to his students and clients and has energy to burn. Thank you for your valuable help Rodney!” -- Diane Tegarden, Owner, FireWalker Publications, Inc.

What will the Boot Camp do for you?
Take a good look!

You'll Learn Key Concepts for How To Start & Grow a Successful Grant Writing Business(Here are just some of them):

► A knowledge of the different types of business structures and which one is right for you,
► Insight to develop a great Grant Writing Portfolio,
► 7 deadly sins to avoid that less than 1% of grant writing business owners know about,
► The best practices for growing a grant business from real-life case studies,
► Secrets from a veteran grant business coach that would take you years to discover alone,
► Internet & SEO tips to help you get a competitive advantage on your m

Plus You'll Leave with the Following...

► Your very own promotion video to help market your grant writing business,

► A website to promote your grant writing business effectively,

► Online access to dozens of business and grant writing templates and samples,

► Domain name reserved for your products and services,

► Your first marketing campaign with a highly targeted list of potential customers,

► Tried and tested marketing strategies to grow your business when you leave!

Comments from Participants at Rodney's Previous Events

“Rodney is a bright, energetic and highly motivated individual. Our office has partnered with him in some grant-writing workshops, where he was the presenter. He is an engaging speaker and knowledgeable in his field. I also know Rodney to be a person of integrity.”

-Bert Jacklitch

“I wholeheartedly endorse Rodney as an entrepreneurial Nonprofit consultant and trainer. I have known him for more than 5 years and worked with him closely on several projects. I trained under Rodney in the applied Grant writing course in 2007. He then coached me through a process of applying for a grant from Mustard Foundation for a community program working with the youth in San Gabriel Valley, Los Angeles, which we were granted. This was a great experience. I have relied on Rodney for advice on program development and fundraising processes for nonprofits. Recently, I have hired him to teach a course in Grant Writing class for the Dept. I teach for. He has made this class the best it could ever be, by making this a well-researched, excellently-taught and practical course.”
-Kinoti Meme, PhD

“Through coaching and specialized classes and instruction offered by Rodney Walker, we have had a 70% hit rate in grant application approvals. He has helped us tremendously navigate the complex waters of the non-profit grant application process. With our success rate since employing Rodney this relationship has proven to be very effective, with huge returns on our investment in Rodney Walker...”
-Wendell Hall

This Is NOT "Hocus Pocus" ~ So Don't Think This Will All Happen With No Work On Your Part. You'll Have PLENTY to Do At This Boot Camp ~ Yes...Even Before You Arrive.

If you are not prepared to roll-up your sleeves and work then don't waste your time requesting a seat. This event is ONLY for a MAXIMUM of 6 HIGHLY MOTIVATED people

who are willing and ready to take necessary action

to grow a successful grant writing business.


Just so you know, you will have homework before you attend the event that will be sent to you by email within a week of signing up.

This Pre-Work/Homework MUST be done (which requires filling out some paperwork and answering some thoughtful questions about your new
or existing grant business and the products and services you want to offer).

Simply put, you CANNOT attend this Boot Camp without completing

the Pre-Boot Camp assignment.


Because it will be impossible for me to back up my promise to you and get the results you are seeking otherwise. So, once you register and receive your set of materials fill them out completely and get it back to me quickly.

I will conduct a phone interview with you after your materials are received.

PLEASE NOTE: If your Pre-Work assignment is not returned at least two weeks before the start date, your space will be given to someone else and you will lose your non-refundable deposit.

This is non-negotiable.


This reveals a two things to me..

1. You aren't very serious about growing a successful grant writing business, and

2. You aren't the type of person we're seeking for this kind of event.

I'm seeking people who understand that although having a grant writing business can offer great flexibility and be quite profitable, you will still have to put in some time and effort.

What Can Really Be Done In LESS than a week?

A lot! Especially with the right guidance.I'm going to walk you step-by-step through winning strategies for developing a successful grant writing business.  Try this on for size.

In one week you will have...

-A promo video to help gain more clients,
-A live website with winning copy,
-A strategy and coaching to help you win more client!

Hear from a Few Pros in the Grant Writing Industry

I have arranged for you to learn from some of the brightest minds in the industry. You will get a chance to hear some exclusive interviews I have conducted with some of today's grant writing experts and marketing gurus. I have selected some of the best to help make this as easy as possible for you to grow a successful business.

The Boot Camp Will Be Fun But It's NOT A Social Event

If you think your trip to the Los Angeles Area (Pasadena) is going to be a social event,

I've got news for's not. So please don't make other plans. Granted, we will have some time to recharge ourselves (a movie or two ~ maybe a visit into Old Town Pasadena), but this will be done as a group...So, if this doesn't fit your idea of how you operate, please take a pass.

There Will Be Time To Slow Down, Reflect and Process

One of the highlights of the Boot Camp is getting a chance to visit one of my favorite places...the Huntington! Take a look at each of the following videos to seemore of where and what we will be doing to help grow your grant writing business.

Welcome Letter From Rodney

Dear Grant Professional,

As you probably already know, the field of grant writing is a wonderful industry.
Especially if you like research, writing, and telling an organization's story.
But that is just one small side of running a grant writing business.
Many people in the grant writing industry really
love what they do as a grant writer, however in most cases no one has ever
taught them how to grow and run a successful grant writing business.
Sadly, they are left on their own to figure this out.

So Why Has This Happened?

Well if you look on the internet, you will discover
there are dozens of tutorials to teach you how to write
a grant proposal, but very little on how to start a grant writing business.
Yeah, you may find a piece of the puzzle here
and there...but truthfully, you are left on
own to figure this out. But we both know that a lot of

time is often wasted in trying to navigate this alone...and as the
saying goes, "Time is money".

The pressure builds even more if you have already started your business and you are struggling
to get clients. Not to mention the fact that many of the grant writers
that I have met are grossly UNDERCHARGING for the grant writing services which requires them
to work Harder vs. Smarter.

Some have to work 50-60 hours a week, just to make a decent living.

Many are...

  • Dealing with loads of stress,

  • Burdened with fatigue,

  • Near the point of BURNOUT,

  • Isolated with very little support,

  • Clueless about how to grow their business,

  • Stuck with a few low paying clients you bill hourly, and

  • Trapped with fear, lack of confidence, and anxiety.

This Has To Change!

If you are just starting out or have already been journeying down this road, you don't have to go it ALONE.
I repeat...YOU do not have to go it ALONE!

Okay, let's get real.

You probably know some of what you need to do but it never gets done.


Sometimes it just seems like there is too much work or maybe you don't know where to start.
You become OVERWHELMED. With so much work and the busyness of life,

there is very little time to do it. I mean, you've probably got a day job to tend to as well...right?

Sometimes the questions seem to just come faster than the answers. Questions like:

  • How do you make the transition from part-time to full-time?

  • How do you lay a good foundation when starting a grant writing business?

  • How do you effectively market your grant writing business?

  • How do you find good paying clients you don't have to hunt down to get paid?

  • How do you charge what you are worth and work smarter vs. harder?

  • How do you "bill" without getting "killed" in the process?

  • How do you grow and more importantly manage the growth of your business?

  • How do you create a simple, yet effective website to promote your services?

  • How do you keep from looking and sounding like a rookie...even when you are?

  • How do you expand the products and service you offer to maximize your profits?

  • How do you successfully work with other freelance grant writers to shoulder your load?

  • How do you create systems for potential clients to find you vs. always trying to find them?

If you are wondering about any of these questions, then keep reading!!!

I, along with a few incredibly smart and successful grant writing business owners have crafted the

Grant Business Boot Camp™ to help address the questions above with solid and comprehensive solutions for the challenges you face.

If you are serious about developing a successful and profitable
grant writing business as a:

  • Freelance Grant Writer

  • Grant Writing Consultant

  • Grant Consultant

  • Grant Management Consultant

  • Grant Funding Researcher

  • Grant Writing Trainer

If this is you then keep reading.

    Watch The Video Below And See For Yourself What Type Of Insight You Will Experience At This Boot Camp...It's Good Stuff!!

    In 5 days You Will Have Your Own Grant Writing Business up, Running and Making Money!

    Sure beauty...right?

    Trust me when I say that you are going to enjoy your time here and leave with new

    ideas and strategies to grow your business!

    If You don't watch anything sure to listen to this video below. It could be the key to change your life and your future.


    ~ Next Scheduled Dates ~

    January 11 - 15, 2018


    I never would have imaged starting a grant writing business would have taking me from State to State but it did...Where will your journey on this path lead you? Belt's gonna be exciting! 


    Sometimes, it's all about stepping out of your current environment

    that helps you to dream and see things clearer. This place will help you do just, I'm
    going to guide you step-by-step in this process.